Basco Shower Enclosures & Doors | Aquaglide Glass Protection System

Why use a shower door?

When considering a new remodel for your bath or shower, you will need to choose between a shower rod or a shower door.  There is not necessarily a right or wrong way, it just comes down to personal preference.  However, we usually find that most people who do not want a shower door have had a bad experience with their existing one.  Many shower doors are difficult to keep clean and often have a “track” at the bottom which fills up with all sorts of “junk”.  This can make opening and closing a chore.  After a while they become more trouble than they are worth and many people opt against a shower door the second time around.  With that being said, there is certainly an additional touch of luxury a shower door can bring, but is there a way to overcome the problems?

There is nothing worse than having a wet, dirty shower curtain rubbing against you when you are taking a shower.
Adding the right shower door can give your new shower that “wow” factor – of course adding our beautiful Centrelle wall system doesn’t hurt either!

Why choose Basco?

Basco has been the number one brand in shower enclosures since 1955.

Basco Shower Enclosures are manufactured right down the road in Ohio and have been in business for more than 50 years.  Basco is consistently rated number one in quality and brand preference.  When you see the Basco name you can expect the best.  As with lots of things the devil is in the details and you will definitely notice the difference in quality with a new Basco door system.  They offer lots of bells and whistles, including Stay-Kleen track, ultra smooth suspended roller system and elegant built-in pull handles & towel bars.

Many customers also choose to upgrade their shower door to the AquaGlide glass protection system, especially if they order Clear Glass.  This long-lasting, protective coating makes cleaning shower glass as easy as spraying it with water. AquaGlide makes water bead on glass and prevents water spots, soap scum build-up, stains and mineral deposits.  Click the play button on the video below to learn more about AquaGlide.

Upgrade your shower door to include factory-installed glass protection for a nominal fee.

This Oil Rubbed Bronze Swing Door looks great with fixtures to match our Centrelle wall system in color Sea Foam

What styles/colors are available?

Most homes will require either a Sliding Shower Enclosure or a Swing Door. This is determined by the length of your shower pan or tub from plumbing wall to opposite wall. Each door comes in a multitude of frame colors including the most popular finishes of Silver, Gold, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Basco doors also have many glass style options available so you will be able to customize the perfect door to fit your needs. Call today to schedule a no-obligation Design Consultation!

Most popular finish options:
Silver Finish


Golden Finish


Brushed Nickel Finish

Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Most popular glass options:
 Clear Glass  Obscure Glass  Rain Glass
 Clear Glass  Obscure Glass  Rain Glass
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