Bathtub Wall Panels for Homes in Macomb, Utica & Surrounding Cities in MI

Bathtub Wall PanelsUtilizing Centrelle wall panels around your bathtub is an outstanding alternative for homeowners in Macomb, Utica, and surrounding communities in Michigan who want to incorporate the elegant look of real natural stone tile in their bathing area but don’t want to spend a fortune to have it. Centrelle bathroom paneling, available exclusively at Atlas Home Improvement, is a unique, non-porous acrylic product that displays high-resolution imagery of natural stone, and it’s a much more affordable option than granite, marble, or travertine bathroom tiling and has several advantages over other forms of traditional tile as well.

Centrelle bathroom paneling can be molded into virtually any shape and can be installed as a smooth panel all the way to the ceiling, so it’s an ideal product for anywhere in the bathroom, including as shower and bathtub wall panels. In addition to the product’s versatility for installation, other advantages Centrelle paneling has over traditional bathroom tile include:

  • Resistance to mold and mildew growth
  • Void of grout lines, so no constant scrubbing to keep clean
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty

Centrelle bathroom paneling is available in 17 designer colors based on actual stone samples, including marble, travertine, and granite, so we’re confident that homeowners throughout Macomb, Utica, and other nearby communities in MI will be able to find an option that will perfectly suit their tastes in aesthetics.

To learn more about the advantages of using Centrelle for your bathtub wall panels or elsewhere in your bathing area, contact Atlas Home Improvement today. We proudly serve Macomb, Utica, and surrounding cities in MI.