Cellulose Insulation for Attics at Homes in Waterford, Saint Clair Shores, Sterling Heights & Nearby Communities in MI

Cellulose InsulationMany homes in Michigan have less than sufficient attic insulation, and cellulose insulation from Atlas Home Improvement can serve as the perfect solution. Our Applegate blown-in cellulose insulating material has almost twice the resistance to heat transfer as many of the standard fiberglass insulation products on the market, and it won’t lose its R-value on the hottest and coldest days, when it’s needed most. If you have a home in Waterford, Sterling Heights, Saint Clair Shores, or another nearby community in MI, and want to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible, then turn to the home improvement experts at Atlas Home Improvement to have cellulose insulation installed in your attic.

The Applegate blown in insulation we install:

  • Is more dense and more efficient than many other insulating materials, and it is stabilized cellulose, meaning dust and settling is eliminated
  • Has up to 50 percent better fire resistance than fiberglass insulating materials
  • Is composed of 85 percent recycled materials, making it one of the most environmentally friendly insulating materials available
  • Can prevent the formation of ice dams and lead to savings on monthly energy expenses

At Atlas Home Improvement, we employ professional fabricators who are insulation installation experts, and you can trust we have the expertise necessary to ensure the cellulose insulation in your attic is properly installed so maximum benefits are realized.

Contact us today to learn more about the cellulose insulation we install at homes in Waterford, Sterling Heights, Saint Clair Shores, and surrounding communities in MI.