This shower and bathtub are installed with Centrelle wall system in the color Breccia Paradiso

What is Centrelle?
Centrelle is a remarkable new paneling and trim material designed for use in the bathroom. Centrelle combines the latest innovations in high-resolution printing and material science to give a high-end, elegant material, all at a fraction of the cost of natural materials.

What is most amazing about Centrelle is how realistic the material is to actual granite, marble and travertine stone. The outer clear layer of Centrelle enhances the imagery with amazing depth and realism. Centrelle is available in both a Gloss and Satin (matte) finish.

Centrelle is non-porous, won’t mold or mildew, and is easy to clean. You’ll appreciate not having to scrub those awful tile grout lines anymore! Now your bathroom can have the luxurious and popular look of natural stone, without all the expense.

Why choose Centrelle?
Centrelle is an ideal product for bathrooms due to its superior performance in wet-wall applications as well as its ability to be molded into almost any shape. Centrelle is elegant, durable, lightweight and comes in a large variety of images (colors.) It is the high-resolution imagery that gives Centrelle its aesthetic appeal and allows you to really personalize your room or project.

Centrelle shown in Mocha Travertine can be shaped to cover almost any surface for truly custom installations

What accessories are available?
Centrelle comes in matching accessories such as splashes, skirts, trims, shampoo and soap shelves, corner seats, window sills and wainscoting. Centrelle has passed commercial fire testing and is suitable for commercial work as well. Centrelle is so versatile that it can be formed to cover almost any bathroom surface, allowing the possibility for us to create almost anything imaginable.

Centrelle is shown as a 2×2 tile on this shower floor, but we assure you this is only a smooth panel – so no grout lines to fail


Available colors and styles
Atlas stocks 17 designer colors based on actual stone samples. It is also installed in both a smooth panel as well as a simulated tile. The digital images of Centrelle are so believeable that the simulated tile for walls and shower floors looks real, but eliminates the long term problems associated with grout lines. Never clean or seal a grout line again!

As a finishing touch, Atlas offers Centrelle customers the ability to personalize their new bath or shower with an accent strip. This accent strip is designed to complement the color of the “wet area” and may be installed at any level on the wall. Go to our Centrelle Color Selection page to view our variety of available colors and custom Accent Strips.

Schedule an appointment for Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard systemProduct Benefits:

  • The Beauty of Natural Stone
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to Clean (no scrubbing)
  • No Grout Lines to Maintain
  • No Hassle – About One Day to Install
  • Affordable Stone-Look Option