Copper: Titan Gutters, Downspouts & Gutter Helmet

Atlas Home Improvement offers copper accessories for your home including gutters, downspouts and Gutter Helmet. Expect your home to stand out from the crowd with this “high-end” look.

Why use Copper Gutters?

Comparison of Titan seamless gutters wtih other gutters

For the discriminating homeowner, a copper gutter system leaves the realm of utility and enters the arena of architectural detail. With each passing year, the copper will reach a new level of patina and may turn either green or dark brown. This can be an “eye-catching” look and create real “curb appeal” that will definitely cause passersby to stop and stare. Copper gutters and accessories are also very popular on homes in historic districts.

Are there any problems with copper gutters?

Many homeowners do not realize the problems with traditional copper gutters until they have been installed for a few years. Most copper gutters are not seamless and are “pieced together” in pre-made sections of 10 or 15 feet. These “seams” are then sealed using lead solder. The problem arises after these seams are forced to go through a few Michigan winters. As ice begins to build-up inside the copper gutters, they are subjected to continuous temperature changes and begin to “expand and contract”. Over time this causes the seams to come apart and leak. Additionally, as a copper gutter begins to move and becomes warped, the gutter will no longer hang straight on the home and will not be pitched properly. This leads to additional water issues and completely undermines the functionality of the gutter. This is not what the average homeowner had in mind when they made the investment into purchasing a copper gutter system.

Titan seamless gutters provide beauty and durability in rain gutter guards

This home’s original copper gutters had failed and were leaking at each seam across the back of the home

Titan seamless gutters offer superior leaf filter gutter protection

Our 6″ Titan copper gutter was able to be installed “seamless” across the span of 80 feet so no more leaks

Why are Atlas copper gutters different?

Our 5″ and 6″ Titan gutters in pure copper are installed seamless. Therefore our gutters will not need to be put together in sections. Consequently, they look much better on the home and do not leak along the length of the gutter. Our 6″ Titan is great at handling water for metal roofs or to transport collected rainwater over large distances. Give us a call today to meet with an Atlas professional to see if one of our beautiful copper gutter systems is right for your home!

Does Gutter Helmet come in copper?

Absolutely! Gutter Helmet comes in both pure .032 copper as well as Copper XT, which is a new product designed to achieve the look of copper, but make the purchase more affordable. Copper XT is made using a special bonding process which allows a copper exterior to be wrapped over an aluminum Gutter Helmet panel. The result is a heavy duty panel that looks the same as regular copper Gutter Helmet for a lot less money! This new metal forming process is a true break-through in the industry as there is usually a galvanic reaction which occurs when two dissimilar metals come into contact.

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