Doc’s Q & A: Spring Tips for Gutters and Gutter Helmet

We had Gutter Helmet with Heated Helmet installed last summer and I’m enjoying Saturday golfing rather Saturday-gutter-cleaning! Is it really true, though, that my gutters are “care-free?”

Doc’s Answer:
The Gutter Helmet promise, to never clean your gutters again, is true. Still, your home is an investment and it’s worthwhile to do a walk-around inspection in April and May. If you see branches or tree limbs that are touching the house or overhanging the roof, you’ll want to cut those back.  This is just good practice.  Falling limbs are the main reason we are called out to replace panels.


Hose the Nose
If you have a lot of trees around and overhanging the house, you should plan on squirting the “nose” of your Gutter Helmet using the special brass nozzle we left with you at the time of installation. It easily attaches to a garden hose so you can safely spray the nose with both feet on the ground. You should clean the Gutter Helmet nose once or twice a year if you have a lot of trees overhanging the house. It is a good thing to “keep your nose clean” as dirt build-up on the “nose” can diminish optimum performance and truly never clean your gutters again!

For homeowners with Helmet Heat:
In the Spring, if your Helmet Heat is on a switch or breaker you’ll want to be sure you turn it off.  It did it’s work this past winter. Now, go enjoy that Saturday golf game!

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