Doc’s Q & A: The Water-tight Walk-In Winner

Jacuzzi Walk-In TubQuestion:
Doc, I have wanted a Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub since I sat in one at your Novi Home Show exhibit a few years ago. My husband is reluctant because of an old horror story he heard about walk-in tubs leaking. Are walk-in tubs guaranteed not to leak? Do we need to add extra homeowner’s insurance for a potential water leak from a walk-in tub?

Doc’s Answer:
Your husband’s concerns are based on earlier generations of design and with inferior brands. There were several issues associated with the handle, how it engaged in the frame, and also with the door gasket. The Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub does not have these weaknesses, is the leading brand, and the only one we carry.

Here are some of the tested and proven features in the design of the Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub that will give you peace of mind:

  • The Jacuzzi tub we sell and install has a very substantial locking handle. The locking mechanism is a cam-design, which means that as you depress the locking handle, the bolt engages tighter and tighter into the locking mechanism.  Because of this design, the door is watertight — even if the handle is not fully depressed!
  • The Jacuzzi models have two waterproof locks, at both the bottom of the door and at the top.  Most other brands of walk in tubs have only single lock doors.
  • The design includes a very substantial rubber gasket which makes solid contact with the tub frame every time the door is secured.
  • The locking watertight door, handle & gasket are guaranteed for life.

You can be confident that Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs are designed, built and tested for water tight seals.

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs are tested in the Atlas warehouse before installationStill, you may want to know what our technician, Kevin, is doing here in our warehouse with this Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub — the day before it’s scheduled to be installed.

Every Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub we install is tested beyond the extensive testing of the Jacuzzi company. Before the new tub boards our truck to your home, it is filled with water and run through all phases of operation and tested it for the following:
1. Water tightness — this includes all pipes, hoses, and fittings.
2. Motors
3. Heaters
4. Pumps
5. Jets
6. The aromatherapy system is confirmed to be fully operational
7. The LED color light display is working flawlessly

We want you to be worry-free when you go to enjoy your personal in-home spa. The only thing you’ll have to think about is deciding which aromatherapy fragrance you’ll choose! (We have found that more ladies prefer lavender and men prefer eucalyptus.) We’ll talk more about the benefits of aromatherapy in another post, and many don’t realize that it’s the air bubbles that are infused with these aromas – not the water itself.

Regarding your question about insurance coverage, I am not an insurance man — by all means call your insurance representative with any questions you have. It is a good idea to maintain a regular relationship with your insurance company as they can be your best friend when you really need one.

Atlas Home Improvement is the only authorized Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub installer in metro Detroit. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and Super Service Awards from Angie’s List.  Visit to view hundreds of customer ratings in your city and on your street compiled by an independent rating agency.

We know our reputation belongs to you and we want to keep our excellent reputation with every customer.

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