Benefits of Having Gutter Heaters Installed on Your Home in Macomb, MI

Gutter Heaters Macomb MIIf every year you find yourself balancing precariously on a ladder to chisel away at ice dams in the gutters of your Macomb, Michigan, home, you may be pleased to discover that there’s an easier, long-term solution. Simply turn to Atlas Home Improvement for our innovative gutter heaters – Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet. These heated cables are completely self-regulating and coated with a polymeric insulator and thermo-plastic jacket to ensure safe and long-lasting operation. As ice melt runs down your roof, the heating cable will prevent it from refreezing on your eaves, effectively preventing ice dams.

Additional Gutter Helmet® Benefits

Our gutter heaters are installed as part of our Gutter Helmet® protection systems, which offer more than just ice dam prevention. Our gutter covers also keep leaves, twigs, roof grit, and other debris out of your gutters, helping to prevent clogs that could be damaging to your home. Not only will you never have to balance on a ladder to clear ice dams, but you’ll also never have to clear gunk out of the troughs of your gutter system.

Comprehensive Ice Dam Prevention

Our gutter heaters are a highly effective solution to the yearly nuisance of ice dams. However, Atlas Home Improvement can also address the root cause of this problem, which is typically poor attic insulation and ventilation. By properly insulating your home, we may even help you maintain more comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

Learn more about the gutter heaters and other ice dam prevention solutions that Atlas Home Improvement provides to homeowners in Macomb, MI. Contact us today.