Prevent Ice Dams by Having Gutter Heaters Installed on Your Home in Utica, MI

Gutter Heaters Utica MIIn Utica, Michigan, the winter months bring with them an array of tedious chores. From shoveling the driveway to deicing the walk, it can seem like the list of tasks never ends. However, perhaps no winter chore is more irritating than dealing with ice dams. These form when ice on your roof melts and freezes again on your eaves, resulting in large ice blockages. If you’ve ever had to chip away at one by hand, then you know how difficult and dangerous it can be. At Atlas Home Improvement, we offer a permanent solution to this yearly problem – gutter heaters.

Benefits of Our Gutter Heaters

We offer gutter heaters from the trusted manufacturer Gutter Helmet®. They are installed as part of a gutter protection package and include a self-regulating heating cable. When water from ice melt reaches your gutters, this cable won’t allow it to refreeze; instead, your gutters will harmlessly divert the water as intended.

In addition to preventing ice dams, the gutter protection system that we install will prevent clogs from other sources all year long. Never again will you have to balance on a ladder to clear a sludge of leaves, twigs, and grim from your gutter system.

For more information about the gutter heaters that Atlas Home Improvement installs on homes in Utica, MI, contact us today. Also, ask about how we can properly ventilate and insulate your attic, which will not only prevent ice dams, but also boost your home’s energy efficiency.