High-Quality Gutter Heaters Available for Homes throughout Warren, Sterling Heights & Nearby Areas in MI

Gutter HeatersIf you need dependable gutter heaters installed at your home, and you reside in Warren, Sterling Heights, or another nearby community in Michigan, then turn to the company that local residents have trusted for quality home improvements for more than a quarter century – Atlas Home Improvement. We are a locally owned and operated company that has carved a reputation for providing exceptional products and customer service that is second to none, and we offer reliable gutter heaters that can help local residents prevent ice dams from forming along the eaves of their home’s roof.

Our Helmet Heat product consists of a self-regulating heat cable that responds as the temperature drops around it. As snow and ice begins to form along the eaves of your roof, the cable heats up to create a heated gutter, preventing ice dams from ever materializing. There are multiple benefits for residents of Warren, Sterling Heights, and surrounding communities in MI to have our Helmet Heat product installed rather than traditional gutter heaters, including:

  • Helmet Heat is energy efficient and GFCI protected
  • Helmet Heat has no unsightly wires, so it remains hidden, unlike many standard forms of gutter heat cable
  • Helmet Heat does not require the use of roof clips for installation

Contact Atlas Home Improvement today to receive a free quote for having Helmet Heat installed at your home. We proudly offer these gutter heaters to residents of Warren, Sterling Heights, and all other nearby communities in MI.