Heated Gutters for Homes in Detroit, MI & All Surrounding Cities

Heated GuttersHeated gutters from Atlas Home Improvement are the ideal solution for homeowners who are looking for an effective way to prevent ice dam buildup on their roofs during the winter months. Residents of Detroit and all other nearby cities in southeastern Michigan know all too well of the problems that can result from ice and icicle formation along the eaves of a roof, such as slippery walkways and damage both to the interior and exterior of a residence. Our uniquely designed Helmet Heat product, a self-regulating heat cable that creates heated gutters, can alleviate those issues and serve as an outstanding tool for a wide variety of freeze protection applications at your Detroit, MI, area home.

Our Helmet Heat gutter heating cable:

  • Is self-regulating, so as the temperature drops around the cable it responds by heating up to create heated gutters, melting the ice and allowing the water to flow freely through your gutter system
  • Remains hidden, so there are no unsightly wires, unlike some other gutter heat cable options
  • Is energy efficient, GFCI protected, and won’t overheat

Atlas Home Improvement’s Helmet Heat product is specially designed to use with the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system, another of our company’s outstanding home improvement products. This combination of gutter products will provide long-lasting ice dam solutions at your home.

Contact Atlas Home Improvement today to learn more about our heated gutters. We proudly install gutter heaters at homes in Detroit, MI, and all other nearby cities.