Before Activated Helmet Heat

What is Helmet Heat? 
Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that can be used for a wide variety of freeze protection applications (such as heated gutters). By installing Helmet Heat along with the Gutter Helmet System you can help protect your home from ice damage by removing icicles from your roof.

After Helmet Heat heated gutters

After Activated Helmet Heat

Why Use Helmet Heat?
It is self-regulating which means as the temperature drops around the cable, the cable responds by heating up, creating a heated gutter. As the temperature rises, the cable conversely cools down. Ice or icicle formation along the eaves of your home may contribute to slippery steps and walkways. This potential safety hazard may be significantly reduced with the use of Helmet Heat.

How does it work? 
It’s a bit complicated, but Helmet Heat consists of a heated core and a polymeric insulator jacket extruded over it. A thermo-plastic overjacket is then added over that for additional protection. The self-regulating heating cables cannot overheat and are GFCI protected. Call us for a free on-site quote.

Removing ice dams from roofs is important; they can cause serious damage.

Ice and Ice Dams can cause serious damage outside and inside your home

Helmet Heat within Gutter Helmet gutter system

Our standard installation is to install the heat cable near the front “nose” of Gutter Helmet, but an additional “loop” as shown above may be added for excessive ice build-up.

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Product Benefits:

  • Stays Hidden – No Unsightly Wires
  • Self Regulating & GFCI Protected
  • No Roof Clips Required as with Regular
  • Heat Wire
  • Significantly Prevents formation of Ice & Icicles
  • Helps Prevent Slippery Walkways
  • Energy Efficient and Easy to Use
  • Specially Designed for Use with Gutter Helmet