Ice Dam Prevention Solutions for Homeowners in Sterling Heights, MI

Ice Dam Prevention Sterling Heights MIIce dams are a serious problem that homeowners in Sterling Heights, Michigan, have to deal with on a yearly basis. They occur when ice from the roof melts and refreezes on the eaves. Eventually, this process can cause large ice blockages that not only prevent gutters from diverting rain and ice melt, but also may cause damage to gutters and roofing. Unfortunately, DIY solutions, such as chipping away at ice dams and applying deicing chemicals can be damaging as well. However, when you turn to Atlas Home Improvement, we can provide effective ice dam prevention solutions that will eliminate this problem for good.

Gutter Heaters

Atlas Home Improvement can install an innovative gutter protection system – Gutter Helmet® – on your home with an integrated heat cable. This self-regulating cable will prevent ice melt from refreezing, allowing your gutter to harmlessly divert it to the ground. In addition to providing effective ice dam prevention, our gutter protection system will keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, thereby preventing clogs.

Insulation Services

Often, ice dams form because poor insulation causes the attic to reach high temperatures, which warms roofing shingles and causes ice to melt while it’s still freezing outside. Atlas Home Improvement can assess your home’s insulation and ventilation and offer solutions to better regulate the temperature in your attic.

If you’d like to learn more about the ice dam prevention services that Atlas Home Improvement offers to homeowners in Sterling Heights, MI, contact us today.