Professional Ice Dam Removal for Homeowners in Farmington Hills, MI

snow-on-helmetIce dams typically form on Farmington Hills, Michigan, homes due to inadequate ventilation and insulation. As heat escapes the home into the attic, it warms the roof and causes snow and ice melt to roll down to the eaves where it freezes again and forms large chunks of hard-to-remove ice. Left unattended, these ice dams can result in significant damage to your roofing and gutters, and they may even cause water overflows that damage your home’s foundation. Fortunately, you can turn to Atlas Home Improvement for fast and efficient ice dam removal as well as preventive solutions.

Our Approach to Removing Ice Dams

Many homeowners who notice an ice dam will try to remove it themselves by chipping away at it using hammers, shovels, and other tools. However, this often causes damage to roofing and gutters. At Atlas Home Improvement, we use specialized equipment for ice dam removal to quickly resolve the problem while also keeping your home protected. Our team of experts use a self-contained system to eliminate ice dams using steam, causing the ice to harmlessly melt away.

Ice Dam Prevention

When it comes to ice dams, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Atlas Home Improvement offers several services to help you avoid having to deal with ice dams ever again. For example, we can add insulation and ventilation to your attic to better regulate the temperature, thereby preventing ice and snow melt. We also offer Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet®. This hidden, self-regulating heating cable can be installed as part of our premium gutter protection system to prevent the accumulation of ice.

Contact Atlas Home Improvement today to learn more about the ice dam removal and prevention services that we offer to homeowners in Farmington Hills, MI, and all surrounding areas.