Ice Dam Solutions for Homes in Detroit, MI & All Other Nearby Cities

Ice Dam SolutionsIf you are searching for dependable ice dam solutions for your home in the Detroit, MI, area, it’s best to turn to a company that has vast experience with the issues that can result from ice dam formation and the products to combat many of the problems ice dams can cause. For those reasons, Atlas Home Improvement is a logical choice. Our locally owned and operated company has served Detroit and all other cities in southeastern Michigan since 1989, so you can trust that we have years of experience in dealing with problems that can arise from the area’s harsh winters. We offer an outstanding gutter heating cable called Helmet Heat that will prevent ice dams from forming on the eaves of your home’s roof, and we have the expertise necessary to ensure the product is installed properly so you experience long-lasting ice dam solutions.

The Helmet Heat product from Atlas Home Improvement has several exceptional benefits, including:

  • The cable is self-regulating, meaning as the temperature drops it heats up to create heated gutters, melting the ice and snow and allowing a free flow of water through your gutter system
  • The cables cannot overheat, and are GFCI protected
  • The cables have no unsightly wires and require no roof clips for installation, which is standard of many traditional heat wire products

Helping homeowners in the area realize reliable ice dam solutions is just a small part of what Atlas Home Improvement does. We also install metal roofing systems, insulation, gutter protection systems, and many other exceptional home improvement products.

Contact Atlas Home Improvement today to receive more information on our Helmet Heat product and to schedule a free consultation at your residence to discuss how we can provide long-lasting ice dam solutions. We proudly serve homeowners in Detroit, MI, and all other nearby communities.