Insulation Installation Experts Serving Royal Oak, Canton, Rochester & Nearby Cities in MI

Insulation InstallationProper attic insulation installation is extremely important in order for your home to realize the full energy saving benefits associated with new insulating materials. That’s why it’s best for homeowners in Canton, Royal Oak, Rochester, and other nearby communities in Michigan to turn to the home improvement experts at Atlas Home Improvement. Our company employs professional fabricators who have extensive training and years of experience in installing our Applegate blown in cellulose insulation, and they take immense pride in their work and are fully committed to doing the job right the first time. So, you can trust that we have the expertise and dedication necessary to complete the insulation installation jobs we undertake in a manner that ensures our customers receive the most benefits possible from an upgrade in attic insulation.

With new attic insulation, exceptional installation is only half of what Atlas Home Improvement provides. We also provide local homeowners a superior insulating product – Applegate cellulose insulation. This blown in insulation, which is comprised of 85 percent recycled materials, offers almost twice the resistance to heat transfer as fiberglass blown insulation, and it will always maintain its high R-value, even during the hottest and coldest periods the region experiences. Installation of this attic insulation:

  • Can potentially lead to savings on your home’s monthly heating and cooling costs
  • Can, along with proper ventilation, help prevent the formation of ice dams near your roof’s edges
  • Can provide you with an insect barrier in your attic
  • And more

Contact Atlas Home Improvement today to learn more about the cellulose insulation and installation techniques that we utilize. We serve homeowners in Royal Oak, Rochester, Canton, and all nearby communities in MI.