Alcoa vinyl sidingWhy Vinyl Siding?
Experts agree that any remodeling project that brings your home up to the level of your neighbor’s is a worthy investment. However, some improvements offer a greater return than others. The Highest remodeling payback comes from vinyl siding replacement with 87.2% of the cost recouped upon sale. That is higher than vinyl window replacement at 83.7%, or bathroom and kitchen remodeling, weighing in at 85.2% and 84.9% – respectively.

styles and colorsWhy We’re Different?
Atlas is an authorized and VSI Certified (Vinyl Siding Institute) dealer for Mastic Home Exteriors brand Vinyl Siding. Only Atlas offers the “AtlasShield”, a 5/8″ expanded polyfoam (EPF) radiant barrier. This remarkable insulator adds up to an R-19 which increases your home’s energy efficiency. The exclusive “AtlasShield” helps insulate your entire exterior wall space, including the studs, forming a complete insulating “blanket” that envelops your home, reducing energy bills and significantly reducing any outside noise!

Energy Star Certified..
The Energy Star label identifies energy efficient products which meet strict guidelines set by the EPA. Products that have earned the Energy Star label help you save energy and money without sacrificing performance. When installed properly our premium insulated siding meets the needed guidelines of an Energy Star home.

If you leave the house during the installation, you’ll be surprised at the change once you return home. You might even drive right by your own house! Be prepared for a few things after the installation:

  • Expect lower energy bills…
  • Expect people to compliment the new look of your home…
  • Expect the energy savings and added resale value to offset the expense of the new siding…
  • Expect it to last a long time!

Atlas Home Improvement will be happy to provide a free on-site quotation and answer any questions you may have.

The Atlas Siding Difference:

  • Only quality Mastic Siding & Trim Products
  • The Exclusive “AtlasShield” EPF Exterior Insulator
  • Choose from Many Varieties & Colors
  • Installed by fully insured employees
  • Installers certified by Vinyl Siding Institute
  • FREE On-Site Consultation & Quotation