There are many stair lifts to choose from in the marketplace.  So what makes the Navigator different and contributes to its lower cost of ownership?  Navigator has a unique Helical Worm Gear which provides a low friction system and results in lower energy bills.  The Worm Gear and Nylon Polymer Gear Rack combine for a smooth ride with greater stability.  Unlike traditional stair lifts the Navigator does not require homeowners to add lubrication and making it Zero Maintenance.  This saves a lot of money in yearly maintenance contracts!
World’s Most Compact Stair Lift
One of the biggest challenges can be the limited “knee” room the stair lift user has making them feel cramped when going up and down the stairs.  The Navigator boasts one of the most compact designs available with a folded width of just 10.5”.  This allows the user to have more room when using the stair lift as well as making it easier for other to use the stairs when it is not in use. The Navigator can be stored at the top r bottom of the stairs.

Folding Rail Option
In some situations, the rail of the stair lift may become a hazard to walking or may block a doorway.  In these instances, the Navigator may be ordered with a Folding Rail Option.  This allows a section of the rail to become operable and “flip up” out of the way of the bottom position.  This can be a nuisance with many stair lifts as the rail must be manually activated.  For your convenience the Navigator activates the folding rail automatically whether the stair lift is going up or coming down.  You do not need to get off of the lift to activate the folding rail on your way down the steps.  Simply send the chair back up with the remote control and the folding rail will automatically retract into it’s folded position to get out of the way.  In order to guarantee that this important safety option is reliable the Folding Rail was designed to be activated mechanically instead of electronically.

Product Benefits:

  • America’s Best Warranty
  • Attractive, Compact Design
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Power Swivel
  • Remote Controls
  • Dual Charging Stations
  • Advanced Safety Features