Doc’s Q & A: Spring Tips for Gutters and Gutter Helmet

We had Gutter Helmet with Heated Helmet installed last summer and I’m enjoying Saturday golfing rather Saturday-gutter-cleaning! Is it really true, though, that my gutters are “care-free?”

Doc’s Answer:
The Gutter Helmet promise, to never clean your gutters again, is true. Still, your home is an investment and it’s worthwhile to do a walk-around inspection in April and May. If you see branches or tree limbs that are touching the house or overhanging the roof, you’ll want to cut those back.  This is just good practice.  Falling limbs are the main reason we are called out to replace panels.


Hose the Nose
If you have a lot of trees around and overhanging the house, you should plan on squirting the “nose” of your Gutter Helmet using the special brass nozzle we left with you at the time of installation. It easily attaches to a garden hose so you can safely spray the nose with both feet on the ground. You should clean the Gutter Helmet nose once or twice a year if you have a lot of trees overhanging the house. It is a good thing to “keep your nose clean” as dirt build-up on the “nose” can diminish optimum performance and truly never clean your gutters again!

For homeowners with Helmet Heat:
In the Spring, if your Helmet Heat is on a switch or breaker you’ll want to be sure you turn it off.  It did it’s work this past winter. Now, go enjoy that Saturday golf game!

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Doc’s Q & A: The Water-tight Walk-In Winner

Jacuzzi Walk-In TubQuestion:
Doc, I have wanted a Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub since I sat in one at your Novi Home Show exhibit a few years ago. My husband is reluctant because of an old horror story he heard about walk-in tubs leaking. Are walk-in tubs guaranteed not to leak? Do we need to add extra homeowner’s insurance for a potential water leak from a walk-in tub?

Doc’s Answer:
Your husband’s concerns are based on earlier generations of design and with inferior brands. There were several issues associated with the handle, how it engaged in the frame, and also with the door gasket. The Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub does not have these weaknesses, is the leading brand, and the only one we carry.

Here are some of the tested and proven features in the design of the Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub that will give you peace of mind:

  • The Jacuzzi tub we sell and install has a very substantial locking handle. The locking mechanism is a cam-design, which means that as you depress the locking handle, the bolt engages tighter and tighter into the locking mechanism.  Because of this design, the door is watertight — even if the handle is not fully depressed!
  • The Jacuzzi models have two waterproof locks, at both the bottom of the door and at the top.  Most other brands of walk in tubs have only single lock doors.
  • The design includes a very substantial rubber gasket which makes solid contact with the tub frame every time the door is secured.
  • The locking watertight door, handle & gasket are guaranteed for life.

You can be confident that Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs are designed, built and tested for water tight seals.

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs are tested in the Atlas warehouse before installationStill, you may want to know what our technician, Kevin, is doing here in our warehouse with this Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub — the day before it’s scheduled to be installed.

Every Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub we install is tested beyond the extensive testing of the Jacuzzi company. Before the new tub boards our truck to your home, it is filled with water and run through all phases of operation and tested it for the following:
1. Water tightness — this includes all pipes, hoses, and fittings.
2. Motors
3. Heaters
4. Pumps
5. Jets
6. The aromatherapy system is confirmed to be fully operational
7. The LED color light display is working flawlessly

We want you to be worry-free when you go to enjoy your personal in-home spa. The only thing you’ll have to think about is deciding which aromatherapy fragrance you’ll choose! (We have found that more ladies prefer lavender and men prefer eucalyptus.) We’ll talk more about the benefits of aromatherapy in another post, and many don’t realize that it’s the air bubbles that are infused with these aromas – not the water itself.

Regarding your question about insurance coverage, I am not an insurance man — by all means call your insurance representative with any questions you have. It is a good idea to maintain a regular relationship with your insurance company as they can be your best friend when you really need one.

Atlas Home Improvement is the only authorized Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub installer in metro Detroit. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and Super Service Awards from Angie’s List.  Visit to view hundreds of customer ratings in your city and on your street compiled by an independent rating agency.

We know our reputation belongs to you and we want to keep our excellent reputation with every customer.

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Doc’s January Q & A: Hips, Stairs, and Lifts

Safely taking the stairs again!

My 85- year-old dad is talking with his doctor about having his hip replaced. He still lives in his 2nd story condo and has no intention of moving.

He is open to the idea of installing a stairlift, but he’s concerned that the condo association won’t let him install one because it will destroy the walls. Will installing a stairlift require replacing the drywall when it is removed?

Doc’s Answer:
Good question.  It’s good to hear that your 85-year old dad is still able to manage the stairs in his 2nd story condo – that is one determined man! I’m also glad he is open to taking advantage of a stairlift.

As Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS), we know that many seniors, and others with mobility issues who have a basement or second floor, cautiously use the steps –but only one step at a time. For many, they are taking each step on their bum. The saddest part is the emotional toll: each time they use the stairs, they are scared to death of losing their balance and tumbling.

The one thing seniors must avoid at any and all costs is a hip break or fracture. Shockingly, it becomes a fatal injury for 20% of those who suffer the trauma of a broken hip. Additionally, many people rarely achieve full recovery.  Since your dad is planning on a hip replacement, he will want to be especially cautious. That is why the stair lifts are so wonderful.  People can freely use the stairs again but without the anxiety, because they’re safely and securely seated.

So let me explain the good news you can share with your dad about the advantages the Navigator® brand stairlift. It meets our high standards for quality and I will explain its brilliant design for custom installation. There are a variety of stairlift manufacturers out there and you will want to evaluate the brands before signing on to have one installed in your home or condo.

I have personally reviewed the top stairlift brands and selected the Navigator® as the best rated, safest, attractive, and non-invasive to the structure of your home.

Our certified installers skillfully measure and install the guide-rail and chair-track, attaching the system to the steps with secure brackets – without one nail or screw marring your walls.  This creates a secure foundation for the FDA approved stairlift system. The chair glides smoothly along the track and cannot touch the wall, without scuffs or markings.

Your dad can confidently have the Navigator® installed and the condo association can be sure it will not have any negative or lasting impact. If you need assistance explaining this to your association, an Atlas representative will be happy to help.

My own mom was able to safely stay in the home she loved after we installed a stairlift for her. Our family had greater peace of mind knowing she was no longer anxiously navigating those stairs after her hip injury. You can read about it in an earlier post about helping my mom stay in the home she loved.

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Winter Storm Icicles Snow Weather Warning Freezing Temperature GutterQ: Doc, I don’t have a gutter protection system and I didn’t clean my gutters before this past storm. Do you have any advice?

A: Now that snow and ice have formed, it’s probably too late to worry about cleaning your gutters. Depending on how bad they are occluded, how much snow is on the roof, and how much heat loss you have in the attic, the problem to watch for now is ice dams.

It is very common for people to get caught late in the season with leaf and debris filled gutters.  It just is. Most people don’t get around to cleaning their gutters. The danger now is a buildup of ice along the eave, an ice dam. As long as the temperatures stay cold/freezing, water does not pose a problem. The problem starts as things warm up.

While we’re enjoying a break in the cold weather, the ice dam begins to melt and the water is trapped behind the ice dam and has nowhere to go.  This newly created water can work its way underneath the shingles and underlayment, fall into the soffit area or attic and get into the house. You will know this is happening if you see:

–  Wet drywall (ceiling or walls)
–  Windows leaking (on the inside of the house)
–  Water dripping through the soft spots in the ceiling

Not only will the drywall need to be replaced depending on severity, but that means, taping joints, coats of spackling, sanding, priming and re-painting. Plus any insulation in the attic that got wet must be removed and replaced.  So you can see how ice dams can cause a world of problems for the homeowner

At this point, with last weekend’s snowstorm, dumping as much as a foot of snow on the rooftops of Metro Detroit, there is not much that can be done about the debris in your gutters until the ice is removed and water penetration is stopped. You can still call in a good insulation company.

A reputable company will assess your insulation and recommend solutions, should you have heat loss that is contributing to ice dam build up.

Sometimes with proper insulation, icicles and ice dams can still form. Ice dams and the problems they cause is a complicated issue.

The way the house faces, prevailing winds, the color of the shingle, and size and capacity of the gutter system all have an impact on this problem. There is just not enough space in the soffit area to do what should be done to properly insulate and ventilate a house. It’s just the way most houses are designed in this country.

That is why we offer the Helmet Heat electric wiring system, placed directly into the gutter, the underside of the Gutter Helmet panel, and down the downspouts.  

For emergency situations, we offer Icebusters – often we can remove the ice with our steamers. It doesn’t solve the underlying causes though it relieves the immediate issue of water penetration by removing the ice which is causing the backup.

Most of the time we can remove the leaves in the gutters at the same time which helps get things flowing…and helps gutter-cleaning procrastinators!

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Updating Your Bathroom Shower or Tub, When, and With What?

Before and After Bathtub acrylic

How do you know when your bathroom needs to be updated?

A good rule of thumb: Every ten years, evaluate your bathroom for updates and upgrades.

Styles and colors are always changing. Are you old enough to remember the 70’s — when everything wood was moving to light colors, like oak and beech? Suddenly, it was out with the dark colors!  In the 1990’s, the trend was reversed and the dark wood was back in vogue. Today, it’s natural stone.

Lighting fixtures, tile, faucets, and flooring can suffer the same fate. More than style, however, consider the condition of your bathroom. Many older tub surrounds were made with inferior plastics that show stains and wear. Baths and showers with old tile and grout often have cracks; they’ve become unsightly and unhealthy with stubborn mold and mildew.

There’s a simpler way to update your shower or tub with current products that will keep their “like new” finish for years. While you’re looking at your tub, consider why many people are opting out of ceramic tile and porous natural stone.

Q: I really like ceramic tile and want to update our shower. What do you recommend?

shower acrylic before after

A: Ceramic tile is old school.  Along with natural stone, it is hard to keep clean and requires continual routine maintenance.

Here is the main problem with ceramic tile in your shower or bathtub:  three days after installation, when the grout finally has dried out completely it must be sealed with a grout sealer designed specifically for the type of grout used.  

Three days after install, the installing fabricator is LONG gone and is unlikely to return to the job.  So the grout lines never get sealed properly, plus they are supposed to be resealed every six months or so. People rarely complete this important step because they don’t know, it’s too much work, or life gets busy.  

Because the grout lines never were sealed properly they attract dirt, mold, and mildew and that is why struggle trying to keep the grout lines clean.  Dirt, mildew, and mold may land on the acrylic surface but will not penetrate it, so it is easily wiped off for a clean, smooth surface.  Imagine not having to scrub and toil with grout lines anymore!  

What do you recommend for use in the bath or shower area?

We recommend a beautiful and durable product: acrylic.  

Acrylic in your shower or bathtub…

…is easy to clean because it cannot stain

…is very low maintenance

…it comes in many patterns and colors

…has designs with faux grout lines that enhance the appearance of the walls aesthetically, without the extensive requirements for upkeep

…is warm to the touch, unlike ceramic tile which pulls heat away from the body.

…is slip resistant even when wet

…is not porous so it cannot attract dirt, mildew or mold  

…can be completed in about a day!

Contact us for a no-obligation in-home estimate for your tub or shower makeover.

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Helping Mom & Dad Stay in the Home They Love
Preparing the Home for Senior living | David Bobby, August 2016

When many of our homes were built in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s little thought was given to designing a home that would be friendly to the occupants as they aged or became less mobile or struggled with their health.  Most homes were not designed for senior living. How was it expected that people would age in their homes?  Who knew that there should be limited steps and doorways should be minimally 36” wide to allow for step walkers and wheelchairs.  Well, now we know.

The Most Dangerous Room in the House
The most dangerous place in the home is in the smallest room – the bathroom. Many elderly people have not been able to bathe properly in their own home for years.  They struggle to negotiate the high step required to get into their tub.  A greater risk is actually getting out of the tub, more than getting in.   The lowest tub step over is 15” but we have often found some tub step overs to be 17” to 20” high. This is where seniors have the falls – trying to getting in and out of the tub – even with installed safety bars.

Hitting Home
After my dad passed away, my mother lived alone.  She grew feeble in her later years and finally had a fall and fractured her hip. We had to move her bed and dressers and clothes to the main floor and we basically closed off the upstairs as she no longer could use it.

Grandma Bobby with David Bobby

Precious Memories: Grandma Bobby with David Bobby

Mom never regain the same mobility after the hip fracture and we still had a problem with her being able to stay in the home that she loved.  She still needed to use and have access to the basement.

The laundry was in the basement and she preferred to use the shower in the basement that was barrier-free.  The solution was simple enough once we got her to agree to it.  And that was installing a stair lift on the basement steps.   Once that was installed she could go up and down the stairs to the basement safely and seated.  She loved that stair lift.

I remember her having her laundry basket sitting on her lap and actuating the up/down button on the left armrest.  Once she was safely down she could get around just fine in the basement with use of her cane.

That stair lift allowed her to stay at home, in her home and age in place until she passed away on Mother’s Day 2015.

CAPS Certification
Early on Darian and I saw the value of becoming CAPS certified (Certified Aging in Place Specialists).  We attended a week of day-long classes and were required to pass daily tests to become properly certified.  This is a relatively new designation offered by and through the NAHB – National Association of Home Builders.

CAPS logo

Atlas Home Improvement: Certified Aging in Place Specialists






When Jacuzzi approached us to be their representative for all of Michigan for the Jacuzzi Walk in Tub they were especially happy that we were already CAPS certified – which they required from their authorized dealer network.

The aging of the Baby Boomer generation, who are turning age 65 at the rate of 10,000 every day, is a growing segment of our population.  The CAPS certification will help their adult children select qualified home remodeling specialists. Many people, as they see their senior years approaching, are choosing to make certain modifications to their homes. They want to stay in their homes and not have to go into assisted living or nursing homes.

Soaking in Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub

Extend independence and enjoy therapeutic hydrotherapy
in the safety and comfort of home.

Jacuzzi Walk – In Tub
The Jacuzzi brand Walk in Tub is truly the Cadillac of the industry.  With a pedigree that goes back to the 1930’s, Jacuzzi holds hundreds of patents relating to the therapeutic hydrotherapy water jets.  These Walk in Tubs add life to your years –and years to your life.  Depending on the time of day and the features chosen, the tub can invigorate you for your day or quieten and settle your body for a sound and restorative sleep.  Every tub we install is tested before leaving our warehouse to give our customers the extra confidence that their tub will work perfectly.

Jacuzzi Walk-In Shower
As the years have passed at Atlas, we have grown our “Aging in Place” product line, including the unique, state of the art Jacuzzi Walk- In- Shower.  This unit features Jacuzzi jets that can operate without the need to be submerged in water. Now people can shower and direct the gentle but powerful Jacuzzi water jets on their lower back, shoulder or neck areas  to experience the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy.

EasyClimber Stair Lift

Easy Climber Stair Lifts are adaptable to various staircase styles.


Easy Climber Stair Lift
Many people are fearful of negotiating the stairs in their own homes.  They are often unsteady or have to go up and down the steps – on their bum – one step at a time!  We have found that our customers see the stair lift as a “need” product more than a “want” product. People have to have access to their upstairs or basement and need the stair lift to do it.  People don’t want to leave the home that they love and are willing to make some modifications so they can stay in their home.  That is where the stair lifts come in.  People can access their upstairs or the basement with ease and safety for the first time in a long time.

With the stair lift, people can extend independence in their own home: Imagine how nice it is to ascend and descend the stairs again – except this time – while safely seated.

If you’d like to learn about options for yourself or someone you love, contact us at the number below. Our sales representatives are trained to provide the information you need to make the best decision for the right product.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional home improvement experience, exceeding expectations with each customer contact so they know our people and company are different – that we will listen and genuinely care about helping them.

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The Trouble with Gutters: Inspecting Your Gutter System from the Ground Up

by David Bobby, Licensed Residential Builder, CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)

Other than the fact that most people don’t like the look of their gutters, the main problem is common gutters are designed to fail.  Here you have an open trough around the perimeter of your home that is designed to catch everything that lands on the roof.  Even if you don’t have leaves and or needles – gutters “catch” shingle granules, rain, snow and ice.

Most homeowners don’t like heights and probably don’t have a safe ladder that would enable them to look into their second story gutters.  (Speaking of ladder safety – never place the weight of a ladder against your gutters – always use a stand-off and attach to the top of an extension ladder.  In this way – your weight and that of the ladder is resting on the roof and not against the aluminum gutter – which is not designed to take that much weight.)

There are a number of things you can see with your feet solidly on the ground that can tip you off to problems above with your gutters.  Here are a few things for which to look:

  1. Gutter Gardens

Gutter Garden Atlas

When looking up at your gutters, if you see trees, shrubs, grass or any other type of green vegetation growing in your gutters – you’ve got a “gutter garden.”  This garden is no cause for celebration – instead it signals a serious problem – namely that your downspouts are blocked (with something) and your gutters have become a fertile place for things to grow in and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Solution is simple, though difficult.  Someone has to go up there and dig that mess out.  Warning:  it is going to stink to high heaven and be full of mold, mildew, bird droppings and other animal scat.  The downspouts need to be cleared and then the gutters hosed down with a hose to clean and clear them.

  1. Tiger Striping

Tiger Striping Atlas Captions-01

From the ground looking up at your gutters, you can often see vertical, dark lines on the face of the gutters. We call this “tiger striping.” You have a similar thing going on as in gutter gardens (above).  In this case, the downspouts are blocked and water lays in the gutter, leaching the tannins and tannic acids from leaves and pine needles.  When it rains, this mess rises to the top of the blocked gutters and overflows down the face of the gutters causing the vertical stripes.  See solution above for correction and fix.   By the way, you cannot clean these stripes off as they chemically “etch” the gutter factory paint finish. The gutters will have to be replaced (recommended) or painted (not recommended).  Tiger Striping is especially noticeable on white and lighter colored gutters.

  1. Spike & Ferrule Attachment Systems

Proud Gutter Spikes Atlas Captions-03

From the ground looking up at your gutters, if you can see the big nail heads of the spikes holding up your gutter system, you have a spike & ferrule attachment system.  Definitely old school, we see this very often and even on relatively new houses.  It is an inexpensive way to hang gutters, but can cause a lot of problems unbeknownst to most homeowners.  Warning:  be especially concerned if you see the spikes sticking out from the gutter face or even missing.  This is a sure sign that the hole into which that spike was originally driven is wet, punky and maybe rotted.  Many people with this situation have a house that is rotting from the top down and they don’t even know it.  The problem is that the spike and the ferrule (inside the gutter and used as a spacer) direct water back towards the house and cause the fascia board to have constant contact with water.  If you are lucky, your fascia board is not rotted but the only solution to eliminating the problems inherent with spike and ferrule attachment is a new gutter.  You cannot overcome the damage to the gutter from being pierced in two places by the spike.

Gutter Damage - Fascia Rot Atlas Captions-02

If, after your inspection, you find yourself compelled to replace your gutters, consider it a great opportunity to do the right thing for your home.  Most homes (except for a small bungalow) really need a 6” gutter which will handles 60% more water than the regular residential 5” K-style gutter.  Even in the heaviest rainfall, your gutter will be able to handle the flow!  Plus they cover the entire 6” fascia board in most cases and make the house have a much nicer appearance from the curb.  While you are upgrading your gutters, upgrade your downspouts as well.  Ask for 3”x 4” downspouts, which are one inch longer in both length and width, but will yield twice as many square inches of output and will empty the gutters much quicker – which is a good thing.  Be sure your downspouts have at least a 3’ kicker, that is an extension that will help direct all that water away from the foundation and keep your basement or crawl space dry.

Gutters and downspouts are not elegant or exciting but are the third most important system of your home after your roof and foundation.   They perform a very important task – collecting and directing water away from your home.  A little routine maintenance twice a year will save you a lot of money and aggravation.  Better yet, invest in a straight faced gutter which will render them nearly “invisible” from the street and a gutter protection system – that really works – so you “Never Have to Clean Your Gutters Again!®”


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Guest Expert Interview by MoonWorksHome with Darian Bobby of Atlas Home Improvement on Bathroom Renovation Tips    Posted, July 8, 2015

Bathroom renovations are some of the most extensive remodels a homeowner can undertake. As such, it is more important than ever to make sure ahead of time that you know what you want and how to achieve it. Considering the difficulty and the cost of a bathroom renovation, chances are you will be living with your new commode for a while, so it makes sense to ensure you’re going to like the results!

To find out the newest trends and best remodeling tips, we talked to Atlas Home Improvement’s, Darian Bobby. Atlas Home Improvement specializes in bathroom remodeling and they have a team of experts with a wealth of information and experience to share. Join us for our Q & A with the expert!

DarianBobbyWhat are some things someone should ask themselves before undertaking a bathroom remodel?
It’s important for the homeowner to consider how long they plan to stay in the home. Are they looking for a long-term solution, or are they more concerned about resale value? If they are planning to stay and looking for a permanent solution, they should consider convenience as well as the safety options available. When planning projects with my clients, I encourage them to try to see themselves 10 to 15 years older. Together, we can design the remodel with something that will look great and be a safe, comfortable bathroom that allows them to “age in place.”
Bathwraps are an excellent alternative to the classic tile and fiberglass options commonly used for bathtubs.

What are some of the main advantages of Bathwraps that make them a popular choice?
Bathwraps are made of a premium acrylic that’s very similar to a Corian countertop in a kitchen or Jacuzzi hot tub. They are made of a non-porous surface and are resistant to mold, mildew, hard water, calcium, lime deposits, etc. Bathwrap can be custom built in a tub or shower pan to fit almost any space and the wall systems come in many popular colors. The acrylic walls can also be formed into simulated patterns that look like tile. The exceptional benefit is that the grout lines are simulated and unlike real tile, which can be a maintenance nightmare, is simple to clean and keeps its great looks for busy homeowners.

While tile may be being phased out of bath tubs, it’s still a popular choice for bathroom floors. What are some strengths and drawbacks of tile floors in the bathroom?
Primarily safety, maintenance and comfort. The Centers for Disease Control reports 45% of all serious accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. Bathrooms are smaller spaces, often have slippery floors and if someone falls, there are hard surfaces ready to make contact with our breakable bodies! As the trend to stay in our homes longer and age-in-place grows, homeowners appreciate the alternatives to tile that we provide. Tile and grout also require specific maintenance that often requires professional cleaning and sealing during its life-cycle to remain attractive. For many, the shock of a cold Michigan-winter tile floor on one’s feet is enough to run to the warmth of durable and easy-care styled vinyl.
There are better options for flooring available today. We recommend resilient comfort flooring, which is a one-piece, thick, vinyl sheet that can be laid directly over tile. It is non-slip, wipes clean with soap and water, and is warm on your feet in the winter!

Certain caulks contain a mildew-cide that helps protect against mildew for up to five years. Do you use any of these? What are other products someone could consider?
We use a special mildew-resistant silicone that is part of the Bathwraps system. It’s much better than a traditional silicone available at a big box store. We have learned that there are many other reasons why a home may develop mildew in the first place. Homeowners should make sure the bathroom is well-ventilated and open the window or turn on the fan every time they use the shower. It’s also important to wipe down their silicone when they clean the shower walls (at least once per week). If they do not adhere to this type of basic maintenance and keep the shower clean, then it really won’t matter what type of silicone or caulk is in the shower.

What are the most practical and functional bathroom renovations?
Ten years ago, we found almost half our clients still wanted a new bathtub installed. Today, that number has fallen to about 20%! Most people are busy and don’t have the time or interest to soak in a tub. That life-style change has made a brand new walk-in shower the remodel of choice. They come with a low threshold that is easy and safe to walk into. Some people may opt for a fixed bench seat in the corner and take a seated shower as opposed to standing up. They are extremely practical and convenient with easy entry & exit. As Age-in-Place specialists, we see the barrier-free shower a trend that will add resale value to a home. Adding luxurious features such as a RainShower Head with massage function creates an instant retreat to relax.

For someone who’s looking to enjoy themselves a bit more, what are some of the most elaborate and lush renovations you’ve seen or done?
Our most popular option for relaxing is a Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tub. This is a special tub that has a door, allowing the user to simply walk in and sit comfortably on a built-in seat. With a full tub, they can turn on massaging water jets and soothing air bubblers to relax away aches and pains. Sometimes, people think of a walk-in tub as being for older people; but we are seeing many younger homeowners requesting them. A Jacuzzi walk-in tub is really a personal spa that can be used in the privacy of your home; it’s much safer to use and less expensive than an outdoor hot tub.
There are many other features such as Chromotherapy (lights that change the color of water) and Aromatherapy (scents that can be added into the bubbles) to complete that wonderfully relaxing experience. We had a client recently refer to her Jacuzzi as the Fountain of Youth!

What are some qualities in a bathroom renovation company homeowners might look for in order to find the best fit for their project?
Choosing the right company is the most important thing. I believe that if they find the right company, everything else will fall into place and they will ultimately be happy with the project.

  • Look for a company that has been in business for awhile under the same name.
  • You can also tell a lot by the professionalism of their website and representatives.
  • Companies who invest in their employees versus hiring subcontractors demonstrate a commitment to their work and reputation.
  • Make sure they are properly insured with workman’s comp as well as liability insurance. These are costly for business, but reliable companies have them!
  • Check their listing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Objective review sites like Guild Quality and Angie’s List give homeowners the opportunity to hear what other people are saying about their work
  • Ask for references and reach out to them to learn about their experience with the company you are considering.
  • Consider companies who offer payment options. Reliable companies who deliver quality are usually not cheap. If they offer a convenient monthly payment plan, then the homeowner may be able to more easily afford buying quality the first time instead of living with a mistake.
  • We offer a free guide to choosing the right contractor for your project.
  • Often the difference is found in unspoken details: things like testing every Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub in our facility for water-tightness and all functions before we bring it to your home. It’s something we don’t have to do. We do it so that when you turn on your Jacuzzi, you know it will work. Now, that’s relaxing!

Keep in touch with us and other home improvement enthusiasts on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+and Pinterest! Share your home improvement questions and stories, too.

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$10K Home Make Over 2013 Winner, Karen Nash of Farmington Hills.

Meeting interesting people is one of the best parts of our work at Atlas Home Improvement. We are privileged to sit across the kitchen table with homeowners located throughout the Southeast Michigan area.

It is especially rewarding to meet the yearly winners of our $10,000 Home Make Over Give Away. This year’s winner, Karen Nash, couldn’t believe she’d won! “Months earlier, I was at the Farmington Founders Festival with a friend and saw the Atlas Home Improvement display. There was a sign about the give-away and I put in an entry not imagining that I would win (I never win anything!)

Karen said they were notified months later, “We were so surprised, we thought at first that it was a phone scam! We didn’t actually believe we were the winners until we got the official letter in the mail.”

Karen said that it was perfect timing as their old shower was on the ‘To-Do’ list. Atlas 3It had rotting floor and corners. The door didn’t work and it leaked. Their home is a beautiful home that has been passed down through three generations, filled with antique furniture, fixtures and stained glass windows. Karen’s parents had remodeled the home years earlier, but a leak in the bathroom shower had caused the damage.Atlas 2

Karen sat down with the Atlas Home Improvement technician and selected Morroccan marble in random stone, Sandshell beige shower pan, chrome –plumbing and sliding door with Rain Glass.

She said that the installation was right on schedule and she and her husband think it is a 100% improvement. They felt they were treated like valued customers and would certainly refer Atlas Home Improvement to friends and family.

Atlas 1

Here’s Karen and her husband, Jim, and Atlas Home Improvement owners, David and Darian Bobby. (Their friendly collie, Tucker, wasn’t so interested in being photographed.)

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