Rain Barrels

Atlas Home Improvement offers several water management solutions in addition to our standard gutter systems, including Rain Barrels, Rainchains and underground Trenching services.

Comparison of Titan seamless gutters wtih other guttersWhat is a Rain Barrel?
Rain barrels, or water barrels, are designed to save and store rainwater. Why collect rainwater? Well for one thing – its free and easy! Rainwater collection devices have been used for thousands of years and range in complexity, but most are very simple and can be incorporated into your existing gutter and drainage systems. A rain barrel is relatively inexpensive and has a spigot on the bottom for easy access to water and a screen on top to keep out bugs and debris.

For many conscientious homeowners, it is important to conserve water which they can store and use at a later date. The uses for fresh rainwater around the home are almost limitless, but some include watering plants and landscaping, washing the car or watering the lawn. The best way to accomplish this is to hook up one or more of your downspouts to a rain barrel collection system. It is also possible to connect several rain barrels together or use them at multiple locations around the home. We have several styles and colors available.

Wood Grain Rain Barrel - Atlas Home ImprovementWhy use a Rain Barrel?
They are great for those homeowners who are concerned about water conservation and also for those looking to save money on their water bill. Some estimates are that a diligent homeowner utilizing a rain barrel can save up to 1000 gallons of tap water a year. Rainwater collection systems don’t just benefit individuals — they benefit local communities, as well. This is especially true in areas where storm sewers and sanitary sewers are still combined; by collecting rainwater, you can reduce the load on your local water treatment facilities. Some townships even offer a reduction in your sewer bill or tax credit for maintaining a rain barrel program at your home. Our premium woodgrain rain Rain Barrel Precaution - Atlas Home Improvementbarrel not only looks great, it has a “flat back” which allows it to be installed directly up against the side of your home!

How to use a Rain Barrel
If used properly, rain barrels can be one of the best green home improvements and be a cost effective and sustainable approach to controlling rainwater, but homeowners need to be careful! Most rain barrels are not used properly and can actually be destructive to the home. We do not recommend hooking a rain barrel up directly to a downspout. It is amazing just how quickly a rain barrel will fill up, especially in a heavy rain. The rain barrel which is sitting next to your foundation can easily overflow and allow water to cause damage and even work its way into the basement. This is why all of our rain barrel systems come with a special downspout attachment and valve which allow the rain barrels to continue to discharge water through the downspout after they have filled to capacity. Each rain barrel comes with a spigot which can be attached to a hose to safely use the water as needed. Give our office a call today and ask how you can receive a FREE rain barrel!

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