Rain Chains

Rain Chain SystemsAtlas Home Improvement offers several water management solutions in addition to our standard gutter systems, including Rainchains, Rain Barrels and Underground Trenching services.

What is a Rainchain?
Rainchains originated hundreds of years ago in Japan as a way to help control water from the eavestrough to the ground. This was before running water was used in homes and the fresh water was then collected and used for everyday tasks such as washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cooking. A rainchain’s design provides both a functional path for water as well as a serene experience as the water cascades and flows through the decorative links. In fact, a rainchain has essentially the same function as a downspout – the only difference is you can see the water as it flows down the chain and around the loops or cups.

Where should a rainchain be used?
As water management experts, Atlas believes that rainchains should be used strategically. They should never be used in place of a primary downspout location. If a homeowner would like to use a rainchain as an architectural detail or an aethetic addition to their landscaping, we recommend adding a rainchain “in addition” to the primary downspout on the gutter run. However, there are also situations where a traditional downspout will either not work or will look awkward such as around a porch in which the only way to bring a downspout down would be a column. To avoid hanging a noticeable downspout off a column, a rainchain becomes the perfect solution to contolling rainwater in this area.

Gutter Rain Chains
This rainchain was used both to compliment the home’s landscaping as well as a functional drainage location around the front porch. The rainchain empties into a copper basin which had holes drilled in the bottom and in turn was hooked up to an undergound drainage tile. This “Square Cup” rainchain design looks great installed with our “invisible” Titan Gutters and Gutter Helmet!

Are there other accessories required?
No, the rainchain may simply be hung directly from the gutter. However, Atlas installs all our rainchains using a copper installation kit to better control water from the gutter and onto the top rung of the rainchain. We also use a special technique which allows us to hang a copper rainchain from an aluminum gutter without causing a galvanic reaction. Many of our customers also prefer to upgrade their rainchain system to include a hand hammered copper rain basin. This has a solid brass loop in the center which the rainchain is connected to. By attaching the rainchain to the brass loop, it is easier to protect the rainchain from damage, especially during heavy winds. Like many home improvements, it sounds easy at first, but upon further reflection – sometimes it is better left to the professionals!

Copper Rain Chain KitRain Chains - Patina Finish

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