Does Your Roof Need Repair? Atlas Home Improvement Offers Metal Roofing Systems to Homeowners in Novi, Livonia, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills & Nearby Cities in MI

Roof RepairIf your home’s roof is in need of repair and you reside in Novi, Royal Oak, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Canton, or another nearby community, then Atlas Home Improvement has the perfect solution. We offer residents of southeast Michigan the Energy-Loc metal roofing system, a highly attractive product that will provide long-lasting protection for your home. An Energy-Loc roofing system provides the durability and strength of a steel roof and the aesthetic allure of a high-end architectural roof, and it is a more cost-effective solution than installing a new asphalt shingle roof as a repair. Asphalt shingle roof systems typically need repair or require replacement every 15 years, while the Energy-Loc roof system’s lifespan averages around 75 years. So, the second you buy your second asphalt roof, the Energy-Loc system would have been cheaper.

Energy-Loc metal roofs have embedded stone chips on top of it, so it does not produce a shiny, unattractive glare like many other metal roofs. These roofs also are guaranteed never to crack, curl, break, split, or rot, things that commonly lead to repair services for other roof systems. Energy-Loc systems have many additional outstanding features, including:

  • A Class 4 impact rating, so hail won’t lead to roof repair services being needed
  • A Class A fire rating, meaning it’s non-combustible and fire resistant
  • A Dade County wind approval rating, so it can withstand hurricane force winds
  • Resistance to gloeocapsa magma algae buildup, a common problem that leads to many roof repair jobs in the area
  • Resistance to freeze-thaw issues, such as expansion and contraction in extreme weather variances

The Energy-Loc roofing system is available in two styles – a standard shingle look and a cedar shake look – and several color options, giving homeowners an opportunity to make a selection that will perfectly suit their tastes. And, the system is backed by a Lifetime-Plus Warranty, which covers the initial purchaser for life and, in the event the home is sold, the subsequent homeowner for 50 years from initial installation.

Contact the professionals at Atlas Home Improvement to receive a free quote and information on how the installation of a new metal roofing system can correct your roof in need of repair. We serve communities throughout southeast Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills, and West Bloomfield. In addition to installing roofs, we provide gutter guard and gutter installation, home insulation installation, and many other home improvement services.