Many gutters simply fall off the house due to the weight of ice and snow – but there’s more to the story.

Why do gutters fail?
Before SnapLock, every gutter in the United States was attached to the fascia using either nails, spikes or screws. When holes are made into the back of the gutter system using these obsolete fasteners – water can be unintentionally introduced into the fascia board. This water will then flow into the holes in the wood fascia – into which these attachments were originally driven.  When wood fascia is exposed to moisture over a period of time it begins to rot.  Eventually the strength of each fastener becomes weakened due to the deadly combination of rot and weight (of ice and snow in the gutter). Many homeowners will often see “proud” spikes hanging out an inch or so from their gutters.  This is an indication that the fascia  has been damaged and can no longer hold the hanger or nail.

Are my gutters pitched incorrectly?
This is probably true, but not for the reason you might think.  We often hear from homeowners that the original installers “must not have ever pitched them right from the beginning”.  This is certainly possible since most gutter companies install their gutters to be “quick and cheap”.  However, let’s pretend for a moment that the “gutter guys” actually did know what they were doing and installed your gutters with the proper pitch of 1/16″ per running foot or greater.  Your gutters worked great for a few years and all of a sudden you notice water “pooling” inside the gutters – what happened?  This is very common and is due to the fact that when gutter spikes and/or hangers are installed they are essentially “pinning” the gutter in place.  This means the gutter is unable to expand and contract naturally which it must do because of the huge temperature changes between Summer and Winter.  This causes the gutters to “buckle” in between the attachment locations and is the reason why the gutters are no longer properly pitched.  When it rains, the water is no longer able to flow to the proper downspout location and becomes trapped inside the gutter.  When you combine this process with the rotting fascia board, in time – without intervention – every gutter will work its way loose and eventually fall off the house.

Above: Traditional attachment systems such as this gutter attached with spike and ferrule often fail during the harsh winter months because the fascia board is rotten and can no longer support the weight of ice and snow. Top Right: “Proud” spikes indicate that the fascia board may be compromised and no longer solid wood. Bottom Right:  Over time this trapped moisture from spikes causes wood rot to the fascia and rafters.

What is SnapLock?
SnapLock is a revolutionary gutter attachment system available to homeowners only through authorized Gutter Helmet dealers. The system consists of a specially designed SnapLock Bracket that allows gutters to be “snapped” into the SnapLock Truss receiver mounted on the fascia. A hidden gutter hanger is used for additional support and to ensure proper spacing, but is NOT attached to the fascia.  By eliminating an attachment system that “penetrates” the gutter, SnapLock protects the fascia from water damage.  Also, SnapLock gutters are actually stronger and can handle more weight than traditional hangers, yet they literally “float” in place.  This allows for the necessary expansion and contraction and keeps the gutter system properly pitched. To learn more, see How It Works.

When crimped on the back of the gutter, the SnapLock BRACKET acts as contiuous support and is installed (snapped) directly into our SnapLock TRUSS.  This Bracket also pushes the gutter away from the fascia, allowing ventilation behind the gutter and eliminating moisture build-up which leads to fascia board rot.

Additional Benefits
Another problem long associated with gutters is the fact that they are installed right up against the fascia board.  This tends to hold moisture behind the gutter and contributes to fascia rot as well as the growth of mold behind or under the gutters.  The SnapLock Bracket is designed to “push” the gutter away from the fascia about 1/4″ and allows air to get behind the gutter.  This “ventilation” will keep the fascia dry and eliminate mold and mildew growth, which need moisture to survive.  In addition to having a healthier environment for your family it just looks 100% better than the alternative.

SnapLock allows for perfect alignment every time ensuring structural integrity and clean lines.

SnapLock is able to be installed on any style of fascia or roof configuration.

Schedule an appointment for Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard systemProduct Benefits:

  • No Nails, Screws or Spikes Penetrate Your Gutters
  • Prevents Black Mold Growth
  • Stops Condensation & Fascia Board Rot
  • Eliminates Gutter Separation & Sagging
  • Stops Cold Weather Buckling
  • Allows Expansion & Contraction
  • Lifetime Material Warranty