Stair Lift Systems for Your Brighton or Waterford, MI, Home – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Stair lift Brighton & Waterford MIIf you’ve been thinking of having a stair lift system installed in your Brighton or Waterford, MI, home, what are you waiting for? The stairs are one of the most dangerous areas of a home and falls down stairs cause injury to thousands of Americans every year. However, a stair lift system from Atlas Home Improvement can eliminate the threat of suffering a fall on the stairs and keep you in the home you know and love.

A stair lift from Atlas Home Improvement will modify your Brighton or Waterford, Michigan, home to accommodate your needs and create a safer home environment. Our stair lifts can fit on long or short stairs, curved or straight, and on either side of the stairs. Furthermore, we’ve designed our lifts to not be an eye-sore in your home, as the stair lifts have been crafted to fold up when not in use, and they come with remote controls that allow you to stow the chair upstairs and call it down when you need it.  They also come with exceptional safety features, such as:

  • A swivel seat that allows you to get on and off safely and away from the top of the stairs
  • Auto-stop sensors that detect objects in the path of the chair to prevent a collision
  • An easy-clip safety belt that keeps you securely in place during the ride

Plus, we offer interest-free payment options, so a stair lift can fit into a wide variety of budgets. For anyone who has a growing concern over navigating the stairs, we want to help alleviate your worries and help you stay in your multi-level home.

To learn more about our stair lift systems, contact Atlas Home Improvement today. We gladly serve residents of Brighton, Waterford, and the surrounding towns in Southeast Michigan.