Stair Lift Models

What model of Stair Lift is right for me?
Navigator Stair Lifts come with different options depending on the model that is needed.  The most common model selected is the Navigator 3350 which can handle up to 350 lbs, but some people may need the Navigator 3600 heavy-duty model that can handle up to 600 lbs. Although all Navigator models are high quality and designed to last, if someone is budget minded they may select the basic Navigator 3300. 


All homes and all people are different and have different needs and therefore a one-size fits all model is not usually in the best interest of the user.  It is better to customize your stair lift around what will work best for you and for your home.  A stair lift should be considered a lifetime investment and a quality of life improvement.  It is important to consider all the available options before making a purchase.  This is why Atlas offers a no obligation home evaluation where a Consultant will ask questions to determine what is best for you and then make a recommendation to help meet those specific needs.  


 Straight Stair Lift


A straight stair lift is used on a simple straight stair case.

Curved Stair Lift


A curved stair lift is used whenever a stair case has a landing or makes a turn.


The stair lifts we offered at Atlas Home Improvement are designed to be compact and can be folded up when not in use.

Where does the Stair Lift go when not in use?
The Navigator is designed to be “parked” when not in use. Ican be stored at the top of the stairs and can be brought back down to the lower level by remote when needed. It can also be stored at the bottom of the stairs and can be brought back to the top by remote if needed. There is a Charging Station located at the top and bottom of the rail.  Unlike some stair lifts which can be difficult to engage into the charging station, the Navigator will automatically charge if it is within 3 feet of the top or bottom.  This is important because there are situations where you may need to move the stair lift away so that a door can close or so that it is not in the way and it will still be able to charge.  One of the best benefits of the Navigator is that it offers an extremely compact design.  Several models can be folded against the wall to 10.5”which makes it very easy for other members of the family to use the stairs when they are in a folded position.  


Can a Stair Lift be a tripping hazard? 

In some situations, such as when there is a door at the bottom of the stairs or a busy walk way, the rail of the stair lift may actually become a tripping hazard.  During an in-home consultation if this situation is detected the Consultant may recommend a special option called a Folding Rail.  This Safety Option may be added to allow the rail to be automatically folded to move the rail out of the way.  With many traditional stair lifts if they have this option the rail must be folded manually by hand but the Navigator is designed to deploy automatically making it very safe and easy to use.  In addition, the Navigator has a Folding Rail that is operated entirely by mechanical means instead of electrical.  That means a lot lower chance of failure or service calls and a more reliable product that you can depend on. 


The rail is positioned in the down position when stair lift is going down to the bottom level.


The rail is designed to rotate upwards once the chair goes up to the next level so the door can be opened and closed.


The rail may then be kept in the folded position and will automatically retract once the chair comes back down from above.

makeappointment_moduleProduct Benefits:

    • America’s Best Warranty 
    • Attractive, Compact Design 
    • Comfortable Seat 
    • Power Swivel 
    • Remote Controls 
    • Dual Charging Stations 
    • Advanced Safety Features