Stair Lift Systems for Troy and Royal Oak, MI, Residents – Helping to Make Your Home Safer

Stair Lift Troy & Royal Oak MI

Are you interested in a stair lift system for either yourself or a loved one in the Troy or Royal Oak, Michigan, area? Then you are not alone. The stairs are one of the most dangerous areas in a home and especially pose dangers to people who are aging or have mobility challenges that can make going up and down the stairs difficult. Nowadays, there are more Americans aged 65 and older than any other time in U.S. history, and hundreds of thousands of Americans have limited mobility that makes navigating the stairs a safety concern, so the need for stair lift systems is constantly growing.

That’s why at Atlas Home Improvement, we offer Troy and Royal Oak, MI, residents some of the best stair lifts on the market today. A stair lift system from Atlas Home Improvement comes equipped with beneficial features, which include:

  • An easy-clip seat belt and non-slip handles to make sure you’re able to travel securely between the lower and upper levels of your home
  • A back-up battery to eliminate the concern of getting stuck on the stairs in the event of an unexpected power outage
  • A comfortable seat that swivels once you’ve reached the top of the stairs to face the landing, which makes getting in and out of your seat comfortable, easy, and safe

For more information on the stair lift systems we install for Troy and Royal Oak, Michigan, residents, contact Atlas Home Improvement today. As a premier home improvement company, we’ve proudly served over 16,000 homeowners in Southeastern Michigan since 1989.