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“We want to let you know that once again we were impressed with the professional installer you sent to install our Gutter Helmet product. Last year your company installed new gutters and placed Gutter Helmet on the most critical area of our house. When we decided this year to complete the job, we thought you could not duplicate the skill and attitude of that crew; but you did. Don did an excellent job.

Initially we were very hesitant about having you do work because of the cost and what we perceived to be sales gimmicks. For that reason, we had major concerns when we decided to hire you. However, we are extremely satisfied with the gutters and downspouts that you installed. Although it is too soon–especially for Janet, who remains skeptical– to predict long-term performance, the Gutter Helmet product seems to be working well after its first year. Your prices are not low; but perhaps it is true that “you get what you pay for.”

We have had other home improvement projects done and few companies are as competent and easy to work with as Atlas. The fact that you did what you said you would when it was scheduled puts you above other companies. We would not hesitate to recommend Atlas to our friends for their home improvement needs.”

– A and J Black, Belleville, M

“Dear Sirs:

I am writing to express my appreciation and recommendation for your product. My experience with your company has been nothing short of excellent. Every aspect of your service has been tremendous. Your sales representative did a great job explaining the function of the system and the various alternatives. The installation crew was efficient and did a terrific job. And the product absolutely performs as promised. I’ve watched the gutter system work during several heavy rains over the past few weeks without problems. This is a tremendous improvement over my old gutters.

Thanks again!

Feel free to offer my name as a satisfied customer. I’d be pleased to share my opinion of your company and product.”

– W. Morgan, South Lyon, MI

“I’ve been meaning to tell you–and just now finally got around to doing it–how well the Helmet Heat worked this winter. Although it was a fairly mild winter, we were very happy with the results. By careful regulating the turn on and off of the heat we only experienced a couple of days where there was some ice on our steps mostly because I hadn’t applied heat early enough to prevent the melting snow from dripping off rather than going around the nose as it should, but even then it was much less than anything we experienced in previous years before Gutter Helmet.

I still haven’t figured out precisely what the optimum time to apply heat is but when the snow falls next winter I’m confident that the Helmet Heat will once again help keep our steps clear. Thanks for your patience and support in finding a solution, it’s been greatly appreciated.”

– B. Becher, Ann Arbor, MI

“I received outstanding service from Atlas Home Improvement. Gutter Helmet and new gutters were recently replaced at my home.

Two crews, four men total, came in; they were professional and completed the job in three and a half hours. These men did an exceptional job of removing the old gutters and replacing them with the new Gutter Helmet system.

I am so impressed with this company that I would recommend it to anyone that wants not only the best product on the market but excellent service as well.”

– N. Dahl, Ypsilanti, MI

“There must be some truth in the saying that good things come in threes!

As with my sales person, my two installers did a careful job, with great attention to detail in the installation of my Gutter Helmet. Not only did they do thorough and careful work, but like your other people are very pleasant and upbeat.

They also cleaned up so well that one would never know that they had been there. Please pass on to them our thanks for a job well completed.”

– J. Quinn, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Flo and I just wanted to drop a short note to tell how much we appreciated the work crews that installed our attic insulation, our new roof and Gutter Helmets. They were very professional, hard working and did an excellent job.

The roof and Gutter Helmets look great!

Our thanks to you and your team.”

– G & F Denny, Pinckney, MI

“We love trees. We love the way a property looks when surrounded by beautiful tall trees. We love the privacy they provide. We love it that the shade helps reduce our air conditioning bills in the summer. We love it that trees attract a variety of wild birds.

The main thing we don’t love about trees is that if you have large trees near the house you end up with leaves in the gutters. There are basically 4 options.

* You can do nothing. Eventually there will be a giant mass of decomposing leaf material blocking your downspouts and water will start pouring over the side of the gutters. No good.
* You can clean the gutters yourself. That is certainly no fun and is dangerous. In some cases you need to climb up on the roof to do it properly. At our old house, cleaning them twice a year wasn’t enough. We decided even if we could do them ourselves now, we didn’t want to be doing them 10 or 20 years from now.
* You can find someone else to come and clean them. That has the annoyance of finding that person and waiting for the right time. If you do it too soon before winter, not all the leaves are down. If you leave it too late, you can get snow and you might have to wait until spring. Then there is the cost of having someone else clean the gutters. There are enough house maintenance tasks to schedule, we didn’t want another one.
* You can get the Gutter Helmet and not have to think about it. That’s what we did at our old house. In 10 years, we never had a problem with it.

When we moved, we told our real estate agent we wanted a property where the trees were taller than the house. Our new house has pine trees, which we thought would have less debris, but pine trees lose needles too and they get in the gutters. So now our new house has Gutter Helmet too.

We certainly recommend this product to anyone who has trees that are taller than their house.

Now if only someone could invent a ‘Lawn Helmet’ so we didn’t have to do any raking…”

– V. Hough, Ann Arbor, MI


On April 23, 2009, three employees of your company installed new gutters, downspouts and the “Helmet” feature on the gutters of our home.

These three young men displayed professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of their trade. The final product was not only outstanding, but the work required to complete the job was done exceedingly well. These young men are fine representatives of your company and their fine efforts are to be acknowledged. Great job!

Also, our sales consultant was straight forward in presenting the options for our particular situation and was concerned to the point he made a call to us after the installation to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. We don’t know if this is a policy of your company, but the call was appreciated. Customer service appears to be very important to Atlas Home Improvement!”

– T & D Bencic, Garden City, MI

“I just wanted to let you know that the crew you sent out yesterday was more than exceptional. They went above and beyond to satisfy the customer. They took the time to address every question or concern that I had about the installation or the product itself. At one point, they were utilizing flood lights to complete the job in the dark. If there is ever any letters of recommendation or potential customers that would like to speak to past customers, I would be more than happy to help out.

I wanted to thank my sales consultant as well for his professionalism. This was a particularly stressful project for me due to the multiple approaches into addressing the dreadful ice dams and the discrepancies in the various contractor’s opinions . I felt that through the whole process that I was educated on the total issue and presented with multiple options to address the problem – rather than being “Sold” on a particular job.

Thanks Again!”

– D. Mulvihill, Livonia, MI

“Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the gutter system Atlas installed this summer for me. They did the complete job of new shingles, the great looking Titan 6” gutters and topped it all off with the Gutter Helmet. The system is so nice because its like the icing on my house becoming part of it so it sharpens the roof line bringing the top of the house and the side together in perfect union.

But of course that’s not the only reason I purchased the system. I had to wait a few weeks after the system was installed to see for myself that it could do the job its supposed to. After 3 storms and some high windy days it worked great! My water problems in two of the valley’s around the house are gone, the water flowed into the gutter as it should and not on my deck. The leaves and twigs are flying off the roof and not in the gutter and the birds seem to be staying away as well. So all three of my problems have been solved and with the new roof and gutters I shouldn’t have to even think about the house for years to come.

Thanks again, and I’d love to show off my gutter system to your other customers…..”

– T. D’Onofrio, Belleville, MI

“Thank you again for introducing us to the Gutter Helmet last fall. Your candor about your product was excellent, as was the information about the warranties of both Gutter Helmet and your competitors. It was very helpful as well to have the product cross sections with you to visually compare the different products.

We have been very pleased with our Gutter Helmet since its installation. We had considerably less ice damming this winter and it was wonderful not having to climb up on the roof to clean the gutters last fall and then spring this year. The workmanship of your crew was excellent from the tear down of the old gutters, installation of the seamless gutters, to the clean up of the mess. It was a pleasure not finding scraps in the yard or flowerbeds, and the care the workers took to not damage the flowerbeds was greatly appreciated.

Finally, the work crews were as unobtrusive as possible, very timely in their work, and were notably courteous and efficient. They were also very kind to my two young daughters who asked them a few questions while they worked. It has truly been a pleasure and positive experience having you work on our home.

Sue and I wish you the best in your business. With your commitment to quality service, combined with the excellence of the Gutter Helmet, we would recommend you and this product unconditionally.”

– K. Crittenden, Brighton, MI

“We are very pleased with the gutter, downspout and Gutter Helmet system your team installed on our home in 2003. The work was done professionally and looks great. The color blends so well that we hardly notice the Gutter Helmet unless we look closely. And, I no longer climb a ladder to remove pine needles, limbs and leaves!

The system reduced the amount of ice in the gutters over the winter. And, we had no ice damming as in some past years. The system held up just fine under the weight of roof ice and snow over the winter.

An unexpected bonus is the soothing sound that rainwater makes as it flows over the Gutter Helmet and then through the gutters and downspouts. It sounds like a gentle fountain instead of a gushing river. So, we sleep better.

Your system has even withstood my grandson’s basketball playing off the garage roof. I believe that we will more than recoup the system’s cost by the increased value of our home. This was a good investment and we thank you for your fine product and installation.”

– J. Brown, Ann Arbor, MI

“We are writing to tell you how much the Gutter Helmet has helped us. We used to live in a home surrounded by over a hundred pine trees. We had to have our gutters cleaned out at least four times a year. If we didn’t, the pine needles would clog up our gutters quickly. We finally decided to look into the Gutter Helmet. Your representative was very informative and friendly, so we decided to go ahead with it.

The installers and the office staff were equally knowledgeable and helpful. The best part was that we didn’t have to have our gutters cleaned out anymore…ever! The worry of water damage due to our gutters getting clogged was gone. Not only that, but when we decided to sell our home, having Gutter Helmet was a big selling point, especially with all of the pine trees in the yard.

Thanks again for the professionalism and the great product. We will recommend you to all of our friends.”

– M. Movinski, Brighton, MI

I am writing this note in sincere appreciation for the wonderful job your company has done for me at my home.  This is the third project you have completed for me, two bathrooms have been completely renovated and Gutter Helmet installed.

My wife and I have never been more impressed with the degree of professionalism and know-how the employees of your company bring to a job.  Both bathrooms contained exactly what was ordered, turned out much, much better than expected and were completed in a timely manner.  The most recent job, Gutter Helmet, has a very clean profile and without question is a 100% improvement to the look of the exterior of house.  Teardown and installation of the new gutter system was completed in just one day.

As both a licensed Pharmacist and a Certified Root Canal Specialist, I am very familiar with the value of successfully completing a complex project and getting it done well.  In my line of work, as in yours, respect and trust from customers is not a gift, it must be earned.  It is generated by a vigilant effort every day and through listening to the client’s needs and consistently delivering on anything and everything agreed to be done and/or promised.  This is a rare quality I have personally observed in you and everyone working in your company.

With warm regards,

William P. Maher R Ph, DDS, MS

Diplomate, The American Board of Endodontics