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“I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with your service, people and products.

First, a little background.

I had heart surgery a year ago. My laundry equipment is located in my basement. I could go up and down the basement stairs only once per day – it was very painful. This meant that doing one load of laundry would take 2 or 3 days. Recently, I was told I needed additional surgery which meant I couldn’t walk up and down my basement stairs at all. I effectively was losing the use of my basement and my laundry equipment.

I needed to do something and fast. So I called your company and within days a very nice guy  came out to talk about the stair climber. During our talk, he mentioned your walk-in tub. Since my first surgery, I had dreamed about having a walk-in tub. I thought that soaking would relive a lot of my leg pain.

The salesman and I crunched the numbers and I couldn’t believe it — I could afford both items. I was (and still am) so excited! I couldn’t believe that I have both of the items on my wish list.

The next problem was getting everything installed before my quickly approaching second surgery. This meant that everything had to be done on a Monday and Tuesday because I would be in surgery on Wednesday morning at 6:00 am – a very tight schedule. As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry at all.

On day one, your guys came in on time and installed the tub first, while simultaneously fixing some issues with my bathroom. On day two, they finished the tub install and put in the stair climber.  They were so thorough, quick and efficient that I had enough time to wash a load of clothes (using the stair climber) and relax in the tub before I had surgery. Now that’s service!!

After my recent surgery, I couldn’t lift anything and couldn’t bend over. My 87 year old mother offered to do my laundry. She was able to easily use the stair climber and wash over 10 loads of laundry in 2 days. She said she could not have done that without the stair climber. She also told me to tell that Atlas guy, “I could sell these.” She was that impressed.

The tub is wonderful – easy to use and clean. I’ve always wanted a Jacuzzi. I believe that it’s “jets” is helping to relieve the pain in my back and legs.

I have only one complaint. I wish I had installed both of these items earlier.

Atlas – your products and your “Elves” made my Holiday Wishes come true.”

– J. Strawser, Flint, MI

“To the bosses and crew at Atlas Home Improvement.  I have had a bit of a pain management problem lately & I have gotten way behind in returning messages.  I am sorry this is so late!

My tub is WONDERFUL – it’s always on the “house tour” these days! The fellas that put it in place were indeed great as well.  It does help my bones “behave” and is really easy to use. 

I do thank you as well for all the “extras” that came my way – all except the cookies – they sure didn’t last that long!!!  If indeed we hear of anyone who might like your services we will give them your contact number! 

Thanks again!”

– B. Anderson,  Royal Oak, MI

“I can take a quick shower if need be or I can relax and enjoy the luxury of the Jacuzzi. Either way, I am very satisfied with the tub. It’s attractive, convenient and practical. What more could I ask for?”

– L & M Gloudemans, Saginaw, MI

“I would like to recognize my installers for their exceptional service on my project. I was worried about the risk of having strangers in my house, so I asked that my son come by for the installation. However, the installers were very nice men and I felt comfortable having them in my home during the work. They were hardworking and they made sure everything was done right and they explained how to work the tub before leaving.

I was very pleased with experience I had working with Atlas Home Improvement. They installed my walk-in tub and they did a great job. Everyone from Atlas was very nice and I especially enjoyed working with the installation crew. I did ask my son to be present during the installation so there would be someone else here, but they men were very nice and I felt comfortable having them in my home. I love my tub and I haven’t had any issues with it since the installation. I would certainly recommend Atlas Home Improvement to anyone in need of their services.”

– S. LeBlanc, Warren, MI

“One of your crews finished installing a Jacuzzi tub for me yesterday. This letter is a commendation not only for the wonderful tub, but is also a duplicate commendation for Mike and Brandon who did such as wonderful installation. They were delightful to have in my home to do the work, but also to do such a Cracker Jack job of cleaning up when the job was finished. I’m so pleased with the quality of work your company does as well as the quality of your workmen. Mike and Brandon were Super!”

– A. Pierce, Battle Creek, MI

“This is in regards to the Walk-In Tub you did for my parents. Even though we came up with a good payment plan, my father struggled with buyer’s remorse and was pretty decisive to cancel the order. I was the one who brought this product to his attention due to the homes condition and safety concerns that we all carry – especially for my mother who has Alzheimer’s. Thanks to your support I was able to keep them on the correct path of safety in the home. Not only were you there on the phone when we called, your help enabled me to keep my parents in the only place they can really afford.

On the first use, I had my mother get into a bathing suit so I could assist.  She entered and found the door handle rather easy to use after I showed her what to do. As my father and I filled the tub and showed her the controls again, she became a little more comfortable. A rolled up towel provided a good head support and allowed her to relax. Well then I turned on the whirl pool portion and LOL she nearly jumped into my arms! So needless to say, we got sat back down and more aware of what was to come! Wow she LOVED it and then we turned on the pure air portion. Well it looked like she melted in the seat. LOL I have to say at 49 years old it has been at least 30 years since I’ve heard my parents giggling in the bathroom!!!   Thank you so much, I knew just then it was money well spent.  Yet again I must thank you for helping me see this project thru!”

– R. Bayliss, Westland, MI

“We were most satisfied in the way the crew performed on time, did exactly what they said they were going to do and there were no surprises.  We really appreciate our two installers for their exceptional service.  They were kind and courteous at all times and they were very kind people.

Also what we most appreciated was the communication effort they both put forth and that they lived up to the whole contract.  Atlas Home Improvement performed more than they promised.  They did a very good installation and all their people were knowledgeable, courteous and explained everything very thoroughly.  When they left, we were confident that we could use our Jacuzzi in a safe manner and we are very happy!”

– D & C Fellem, Dewitt, MI