header_roofing_titanAre my gutters big enough?

Most homes in Michigan are installed with standard 5″ K-style gutters and 2″ x 3″ downspouts.

The most common gutter used today is called an OGEE or K-Style 5″ gutter.  This is most likely the gutter on your home and that of your neighbors.  This gutter design dates back to around the time of World War II when the average sized home was right around 1000 square feet.  Over the years, as homes have increased in size, surprisingly the gutters have stayed the same.  In fact, we often see the same 5″ K-style gutter with 2″ x 3″ downspouts used on both a 4000 sq ft estate and a 900 sq ft bungalow.  So why do builders always use the same sized gutters and downspouts?  We aren’t exactly sure, but a good guess would be “to save money”.  In general we find that there is definitely a lack of education in the gutter industry as most builders and contractors are trying to install products as “quick and cheap” as possible.  This may sound good initially, but ends up causing a lot of long term problems for the home and homeowner.

What is the Titan Gutter System?

When it comes to gutters – bigger is better!  The purpose of your gutter system is to collect rainwater and divert it away from your foundation.  When a gutter system has to collect water from large roof areas or has to carry water long distances – it is wise to have larger capacity gutters and downspouts.  The Titan Gutter System is a premium 6″ gutter that is only available through Atlas.  It is thicker and stronger than an ordinary 5″ residential gutter and can handle up to 66% more water. The 6″ Titan Gutter also comes installed standard with larger 3″ x 4″ downspouts which will discharge water 4 times faster than traditional downspouts.  This especially comes in handy during heavy rainfalls which may only last for a few minutes.  The Titan comes standard in the larger 6″ gutter as well as a more conventional 5″ design.

Why is the Titan called “invisible”?

We call it the “invisible gutter” because of how well it blends in with a home’s fascia, appearing as an architectural detail instead of a gutter. This happens because the height of the back of the gutter is the same size as traditional 6″ fascia which allows the Titan to look like there is no gutter installed.  This “straight-faced” design also has a 2″ band on the gutter’s face which appears to be trim.  Most of our customers purchase Titan Gutters because of their superior functionality, but discriminating homeowners who seek to add an elegant touch will love them as well.

It is difficult to tell at “first glance” but this home has no gutters on the upper run and the “invisible” 6″ Titan Gutters on the lower run.

What is the Titan Gutter Warranty?

This is an interesting question as most homeowners forget to ask how long their new gutters will be guaranteed.  At best in the gutter industry – if there is any warranty at all – you may find gutters guaranteed for about a year.  This is because the severe weather in Michigan plays havoc on gutters and since they are generally not installed well from the beginning they are not meant to last very long.  Titan Gutters are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the date of installation.  However, many customers opt for a better solution to protect their new Titan Gutters and their home.  By installing Titan Gutters and SnapLock in conjunction with Gutter Helmet, the warranty goes from 5 years to lifetime.  Plus it transfers to a new owner, making the Total Home Protection System great for resale value!

The “invisible” Titan gutters blend in with the lines of the house looking more like trim than gutters and look great installed in conjuction with Gutter Helmet.

Schedule an appointment for Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard systemProduct Benefits:

  • Handles 66% More Water
  • “Invisible” Straight Faced Design
  • Stronger Than Traditional Gutters
  • Installed with SnapLock System
  • Custom Made Corners & End Caps
  • Installed with 3″ x 4″ Downspouts
  • Many Popular Colors To Choose From
  • Also Available in Copper
  • 5″ & 6″ Models Available